Expert Managed Retail Solutions (MRS)

In today’s competitive marketplace, retailers face immense pressure to differentiate themselves and boost profits. However, this is becoming increasingly challenging because of the rise of eCommerce. As customers continue to seek alternate means of shopping, retail stores must find innovative ways to stay relevant. One way to achieve this is by using technology to enhance customer service and improve the user experience.

Computerist MRS offers brick-and-mortar retailers software that manages, monitors, and reports inventory and financial data across the entire store operation. This helps businesses stay on top of their inventory and finances, which are crucial in the retail industry.

Computerist provides managed retail solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in Melbourne and Geelong. Our services range from basic computer support, network security, and data backup to fully on-site managed IT systems. Our clients benefit from our expertise and experience, allowing them to efficiently and effectively manage their technology needs.

We have been providing managed IT solutions to retail businesses since 2010, giving us an extensive knowledge base to offer a wide variety of services tailored to your specific requirements.


Our Managed Retail Solutions Include:

  • Service-Desk-2

    Service Desk

    Our Managed Retail Services enable retailers to remotely manage their business operations using technology platforms. These services are provided by third-party vendors who have designed software applications specifically for retailers. The Computerist’s 24/7 Retail Service Desk provides a single point of contact for customer-facing staff and back-office teams to log IT issues and make service requests. This service is particularly useful for businesses that rely on an IT infrastructure to run their operations.

  • Remote-Monitoring-2

    Remote Monitoring & Management

    Computerist provides a 24/7 operational service covering remote monitoring, alerting and event management, including preventative hardware and retail software maintenance for operational support systems. We can automate the deployment of retail software, manage patches, and proactively resolve issues across your complete environment. Our proactive approach to incident resolution through self-healing reduces the need for staff to manually log issues with the Service desk.

  • Database-Support-2

    Database Support

    Computerist offer a wide range of services to help businesses manage their data efficiently and effectively. We provide high-quality solutions for all types of databases including relational and non-relational, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, NoSQL and many others. Our team has extensive experience with databases and can handle any type of project. We provide Database Administration services to retail businesses. Our clients can access their data through our web-based interface or API. This allows them to manage their SQL Server databases easily without having to spend time managing servers and learning how to administer them.

  • Application-Support-2

    Application Support

    We support small-to-medium sized businesses with all aspects of their technology needs including computer help desk services, network administration, desktop support, remote management software installation, server maintenance, and more. Our clients include medical practices, accounting firms, restaurants, and educational institutions. If you are looking at this website, then you probably know how important computers are today. Without the right computer, things like checking email or even surfing the internet become extremely difficult. This is why it is essential to have good support with your computer system. We can provide this service to companies around the world, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t get in touch!

  • Mobile-and-point-of-sale-2

    Mobile Devices & POSs

    Our Managed IT Solutions include Software & Hardware Maintenance, Inventory Management, Point Of Sale Systems, Backups, Network Security, Digital Signage, VoIP Telephone Service, Data Centre Services, Cloud Computing, Custom Application Development, Business Process Outsourcing and much more. We can help your business with all aspects of managing technology. From cloud services to the latest smartphones and tablets, our goal at Computerist is to make sure your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Our Managed IT Solution enables your business to focus on growth while we handle everything else. Our solution is affordable, flexible and scalable to meet your needs.

  • Deployment-Services-2

    Deployment Services

    Computerist is a technology services firm focused on helping small business owners grow their companies by providing them with high-quality software products at affordable prices. Our goal is to help each company achieve success by delivering great customer care and support in addition to outstanding product features and functionality. We are a team of developers, designers and project managers who work together to deliver a seamless experience for every client. Our goal at Computerist is to be the best solution provider to small business owners who want to take their computer systems to new heights by upgrading them with state-of-art technologies. We provide services in three areas ÔÇô hardware, software, and application integration.

Benefits To Bank On

Our Clients Are Able To Increase End-User Productivity Without Sacrificing Usability.

  • Business Agility

    Our mission at Computerist is to offer top-notch solutions to small business owners who aim to elevate their computer systems with cutting-edge technology. We specialise in three key areas – hardware, software, and application integration. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients achieve business agility.

  • Security And Compliance

    We have measures in place to protect data, such as monitoring for threats and detecting them early. We also have plans for remote access and recovery to ensure business operations continue smoothly. Additionally, we have well-developed plans to respond to any incidents that may occur.

  • Office Mobility

    Our company provides Managed IT Solutions, Network Management Services, Remote Monitoring and Maintenance of networks, Business Continuity Management, Desktop Support, Help Desk support, Data Backup & Storage, and Hosted VoIP services.

  • Application development

    Our managed IT support is designed to work within a set budget, ensuring that our clients receive exactly what they need without any end-of-month surprises when partnering with us for application development.


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Transform Your Technology By Focusing On 3 Key Areas

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    We provide a range of managed services that help businesses enhance their technology through focused improvements and innovations. Our Managed Services include infrastructure optimization, application management, network security, data recovery, business continuity, and more.

  • data-protection


    We offer Managed IT Services that include Networking, Server Management, Cloud Computing, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Security, Intrusion Detection, Prevention, Software Installation, and Maintenance. Our services help organizations protect their network infrastructures from various threats such as viruses, spyware, malware, hacking, etc.

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    Our managed IT services provide businesses with quick and secure access to their information online or offline, enabling them to transform their business through cloud computing and data storage.


Our Retail Expertise

Our managed IT services are designed to help small businesses achieve their business goals with peace of mind. We provide comprehensive support across multiple technologies such as network, system, server, application, data and email management. This approach helps reduce costs, increase productivity and improve the bottom line.

Computerist's Our Retail Expertise
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